Viatical and Life Settlements: The Life Insurance Secondary Market


What do you tell your life insurance clients when they ask about viatical or life settlements? Can you answer their questions? This course provides a thorough study of these arrangements, which have now moved into the mainstream of options for the disposition of a life insurance policy.

This course explores the markets, prospects, process, taxation, regulation, and market conduct issues associated with viaticals and life settlements, with the intent to enable a producer to provide needed guidance and direction should either of these options be appropriate for a client.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • explain how and why the life settlement industry developed in the United States
  • identify the markets for life and viatical settlements
  • describe the process by which a policyowner obtains a settlement offer
  • discuss the distinctions between viatical and life settlements
  • identify the significant market conduct issues affecting settlements
  • explain the tax treatment of life insurance policies sold in the secondary market

Designed For

Life insurance producers and financial advisors

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