20 Key Questions to Ask When Writing Personal Auto Insurance - CLEQ


Selling personal auto insurance and servicing personal lines clients is somewhat like the classic twenty questions guessing game. By asking their clients the right questions, insurance agents gain an understanding of the client's insurable exposures and can determine how best to address them.

This course presents 20 key questions an insurance agent might ask when writing or renewing a personal auto policy. The questions raised here are designed to help educate the new agent and to serve as reminders for the more experienced agent. These are not the only questions that might be asked, and they are not intended to address every insurable exposure. But they can help the agent who is selling personal auto insurance zero in on many important issues.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to raise appropriate questions concerning the exposures and coverage options relating to personal auto insurance in these broad categories:

  • Whom should the policy protect?
  • What vehicles need to be covered?
  • How are the vehicles used?
  • What level of protection does the client want?

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