Funeral Operations During a Pandemic


COVID-19 has significantly impacted the business of funeral service. An industry that was founded on celebrating life, eulogizing, and fellowshipping in a very personal and physical way has been forced to find new ways of communal catharsis. This course explores how the funeral industry has adapted to the crisis, the protocols that have been adopted to keep workers and the public safe, and the guidance from OSHA, CDC, and WHO for funeral service providers. The course also discusses why funeral homes must develop crisis management plans and examines why the pandemic will likely create lasting changes to both personal and societal behavior.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • explain the basics of COVID-19
  • explain why funeral homes need crisis management plans
  • discuss protocols to ensure safe gatherings and workplace safety during a pandemic
  • describe the health and safety guidelines issued by OSHA, the World Health Organization, and the CDC for funeral service providers
  • explain new technologies that funeral services providers can use to hold services and best serve clients
  • recognize how the pandemic will likely impact funeral planning in the future

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Licensed funeral professionals

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