2020-2022 Alaska Prohibited Conduct


Alaska's statutes and regulations set forth stringent requirements governing licensees' behavior to ensure that the interests of the public are always protected. This course discusses different types of prohibited conduct relating to receiving and paying commissions, false advertising and misrepresentations, falsifying credentials, conflicts of interest, and disclosure obligations. Diligent brokers and salespersons who have a solid understanding of the actions they can and cannot lawfully take will ensure they remain in compliance with Alaska law.

This course is mandatory for the 2022 cycle and has been approved for the designated continuing education course on prohibited conduct.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • explain Alaska's rules on the payment and acceptance of commissions
  • summarize Alaska's rules regarding brokerages' advertising
  • state what information needs to be included in different types of advertising
  • recognize when a licensee can advertise a property for sale, lease, or rent
  • describe the purpose of the Alaska Real Estate Commission Consumer Disclosure
  • recognize the different types of representation, including specific assistance, representation, neutral licensee, and designated licensee
  • identify licensees' disclosure obligations regarding conflicts of interest
  • describe sellers' duty to disclose information about a property and to deliver the Residential Real Property Transfer Disclosure

Designed For

Alaska brokers and salespersons
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