Why Risk It? Risk Management Strategies (AK)


The real estate business can be fraught with risks for both new and experienced licensees. This course provides a comprehensive overview of various risk management techniques that can be used to identify, manage, and ultimately reduce the common risks that you'll face in your day-to-day practice, including legal risks, environmental risks, fair housing risks, compliance risk, and much more. Numerous case studies, examples, and tips provide detailed information regarding compliant and noncompliant licensee behavior so that you'll have the tools necessary to minimize and control risk within your organization.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • identify the most common risks associated with the practice of real estate brokerage
  • illustrate the benefits to customers and clients of a well-implemented risk management plan
  • discuss the disclosures that must be made regarding agency relationships, including the timing of those disclosures
  • explain the property condition disclosure duties that licensees have in any real estate transaction
  • describe the expertise needed in three difficult areas of real estate brokerage-property management, commercial real estate, and Section 1031 exchanges
  • describe risk management techniques a licensee may employ to comply with antitrust and fair housing laws
  • describe the types of acts that may be considered the unauthorized practice of law
  • explain steps licensees can take to decrease risks and increase personal safety while working
  • explain how risk assessment aids in managing cyber risk

Designed For

Real estate brokers and salespersons at all stages in their careers

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