IRMI on Commercial General Liability


Being sued can represent a financial catastrophe whether you win or lose the suit. Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance protects people and organizations from the adverse financial consequences of such unpredictable events related to legal liability. 

There are many ways in which one party becomes obligated to pay damages to another party for injury or damage it has caused. This course discusses these obligations and how the CGL policy protects insureds against the exposures and financial consequences of indemnity (payment of damages on the insured's behalf) and defense. This course has been updated for the 2013 ISO CGL Form.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • understand the basis of legal liability and how insurance functions to protect insureds from the financial consequences of that liability
  • identify the broad categories of general liability loss exposures—premises, operations, products, completed operations, contractual liability, independent contractor—and how the CGL policy addresses each
  • identify the standard CGL exclusions, what is excluded by each, and what is left unexcluded by each
  • understand how the limits of insurance under a CGL policy are structured and how they determine the amounts to be paid for a claim
  • identify the most common ways in which CGL coverage may be modified by endorsement

Designed For

Property and casualty agents, brokers, and adjusters with an understanding of insurance concepts and coverages
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