2022 Required Agency Course: Whose Agent Am I Anyway?


"Whose Agent Am I Anyway?" continues to be an ongoing question that licensees have trouble answering. This course is specifically designed for Arkansas licensees to enable them to easily answer that question in every transaction. Additionally, the course reviews both the statutory duties and common law duties that licensees owe both customers and clients. This course meets the Arkansas Real Estate Commission requirement for its 2022 required course.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • explain the difference between a client and a customer in a real estate transaction
  • demonstrate the proper timing and method for disclosing agency representation
  • list and cite examples of the fiduciary duties owed to all clients by licensees
  • list and cite examples of the duties required of a buyer's agent
  • list the ministerial and statutory duties owed a customer
  • describe the different types of agents and the scope of their authority
  • describe how to properly obtain consent for dual agency from both parties to a transaction.
  • discuss the disclosures that must be made regarding agency relationships, including the timing of those disclosures
  • discuss and describe the limitation of duties in dual agency representation.
  • differentiate between disclosing material facts and dealing honestly with all parties to the transaction.
  • cite examples of confidential information which cannot be disclosed in a dual agency relationship
  • describe the basic ways that a fiduciary relationship may be terminated

Designed For

All Arkansas real estate licensees

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