Texas Contracts Mastery


How are binding contracts formed? What makes a contract enforceable? What is a factual business detail? How do you not practice law when writing contracts? How do you correctly reduce to writing the your client's intents? One of the primary reasons Texas licensees are hired is to correctly fill out the promulgated contract forms. This course provides in-depth look at the recently revised (effective 9-1-2021) Texas promulgated Residential One to Four Family Contract (Resale) with a paragraph by paragraph discussion that includes correct procedures as well as best practices in contract construction.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion students will be able to:

  • accurately translate the wishes and intents of the parties into a Texas residential sales contract
  • identify the essentials of a valid residential contract
  • demonstrate knowledge of the mandatory contract usage rule by paraphrasing the rule and its four exceptions
  • differentiate between a business detail and a detail that defines legal rights and remedies
  • articulate the difference in "as is" and "as is" with repairs in Paragraph 7.D Acceptance of Property by illustrating their proper use and
  • consequences demonstrate an understanding of the right to terminate during the option period and the effect of time is of the essence by explaining how the procedure works

Designed For

Texas Real estate licensees who must take a minimum of 3 hours of contract related course work each license cycle as part of their 18 hours of continuing education. This course fulfills that requirement.

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