Modern Funeral Home Management


The world of death care is changing-often in ways funeral directors may not be ready for. However, effectively addressing change is vital for your success.

This course will educate funeral service professionals on the changing management practices of the funeral industry. Being aware of management software and technology geared to the death care industry, trends in using social media, and relatively new practices such as online viewings and planning conferences will place death care professionals in the best position to serve the needs of both client families and their firms. The increase in cremations, the desire to personalize funerals, and burial trends such as green burials and celebration memorials all are taking death care in a new direction. The COVID-19 pandemic has also caused a seismic shift in how funerals are held and has demonstrated the need for funeral directors to embrace live streaming and other new technology.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • describe changes in client families' expectations about funerals
  • explain the importance of incorporating modern management styles into firm operations
  • discuss the role and importance of technology as related to funeral services, firms, and the families served
  • recognize how social media platforms and websites can help serve families and build your funeral home brand
  • identify the impact of the pandemic on death care services and steps funeral directors can take to prepare for future pandemics or mass casualty events

Designed For

Licensed funeral professionals at all stages in their careers

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