Outside Business Activities - A Guide for Registered Representatives


In the securities industry, all registered representatives are required by FINRA to report any outside business activity (OBA), including any compensation earned outside of the scope or relationship of their firm. The goal is to make sure that these activities are not interfering with the firm or affecting clients in any way. But what is considered an OBA? How do representatives make sure that they are complying with this rule? How do businesses set up policies to ensure they are effectively monitoring and supervising their team? 

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn about OBAs – what they are, what they are not, what is and what is not reportable, and you will receive a basic guideline to help you better understand OBAs and the reporting requirements associated with them.

Upon completing this couse, you should:

  • have a solid understanding of OBAs and what they are;
  • be familiar with FINRA’s OBA rule and its reporting requirements;
  • understand the importance of timeliness in reporting OBAs;
  • know the difference between regular OBAs and private securities transactions, and the importance of that distinction;
  • be aware of the role supervision plays in OBAs and reporting; and
  • know what the possible sanctions are for violating the reporting requirements. 

Designed For

This course is designed for Registered Representatives.

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