OK Broker Relationships Act


This course explores the Oklahoma Broker Relationships Act, which was amended in 2013, and provides a historical overview of broker relationships in the state. It also examines the important duties real estate professionals owe to clients and other parties in a transaction, including their disclosure obligations, the key parts of a brokerage service agreement, the duties that arise when providing brokerage services to both parties, and examples of unlawful acts that may result in disciplinary action.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • identify the responsibilities a broker owes to clients and to all parties in a real estate transaction
  • explain the key parts of a brokerage service agreement
  • identify a broker's disclosure responsibilities and when such disclosures must be made
  • recognize the different acts that may result in disciplinary action by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission
  • explain the procedures for bringing and resolving complaints against brokers

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Real estate licensees in Oklahoma

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