Understanding the Workers Compensation System


The costs associated with workers compensation coverage can be a significant expense for a business. However, most businesses must buy coverage to comply with state laws that impose automatic liability on employers for work-related injuries. As long as the injury is work-related the employer pays, regardless of who is at fault. These state statutes, when taken together, create a system in which injured employees receive definite compensation according to a schedule of benefits.

In this course, we will present an overview of the workers compensation system. It is important that every insurance agent possess a basic understanding of this system in order to understand and service workers compensation insurance.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • identify who is covered and not covered by state workers compensation statutes
  • identify the types of injuries and illnesses covered under the workers compensation system
  • identify the benefits provided under the workers compensation system
  • identify the sources for workers compensation insurance and alternatives to insurance

Designed For

P&C producers; adjusters

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