2022-2024 Alaska Contract and Real Estate Licensing Law


Alaska's statutes and regulations set forth stringent requirements governing licensees' behavior to ensure that the interests of the public are always protected. This course discusses the elements of a valid contract, various contracts used in the real estate industry, how to manage multiple offers as well as how to correct contract errors and modify existing contracts. Diligent brokers and salespersons who have a solid understanding of contracts and their legal effect will ensure they remain in compliance with Alaska law while providing excellent service to their clientele.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, the student you will be able to:

  • relate the elements of a valid contract
  • articulate the characteristics used to identify various types of contracts
  • discuss the four types of contracts as far as their validity is concerned
  • summarize how contract errors can be corrected and how contracts are modified
  • develop strategies for dealing with a multiple offer transaction
  • generalize proper contract etiquette when negotiating multiple offers

Designed For

Real estate licensees who are renewing their licenses during the 2022-2024 license cycle.

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