Understanding Cannabis Risks and Insurance


Until recently, cannabis-commonly referred to as marijuana-was widely distributed only through illegal channels for which insurance was not available. However, while marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, medical and/or recreational cannabis is now available from legitimate businesses in a rapidly increasing number of states. This massive growth, combined with a mixture of constantly changing state and federal regulations, creates a number of new risks and insurance challenges, and insurance producers must understand coverage for cannabis.

This course is designed to equip today's insurance practitioners with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to provide coverage for cannabis-related businesses and to deal with personal-lines customers who need or want cannabis-related property and liability coverage.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • recognize the definitions of cannabis and the ways in which marijuana is used for medical and recreational purposes
  • identify the ways in which current cannabis regulations affect CRBs
  • identify what is involved in each stage of the cannabis supply chain
  • identify the types of insurance coverage needed by CRBs and key factors to be addressed

Designed For

Property/casualty insurance producers
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