California Homeowners Insurance Valuation


Insurance companies, producers, and the insurance-buying public must consider many challenges when determining appropriate limits of insurance for a homeowners or dwelling policy. Insurance to value is always the goal when setting values for residential buildings, but this is one of the challenges for insurance companies, agents, and the insurance-buying public to determine the appropriate limits of insurance.

The course focuses on issues relating to residential buildings and structures, including some loosely related topics specified in the California Department of Insurance Homeowners Insurance Valuation Course Curriculum. It does not deal with the valuation of personal property, nor does it address issues relating to loss of use. It presumes a prior knowledge of dwelling and homeowners insurance and discusses only the policy provisions that relate to the topic at hand. 

This course has been approved to meet California’s three-hour training requirement  for agents who transact, negotiate, or sell homeowners’ (HO) insurance.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • differentiate between a homeowners policy and a dwelling property policy
  • estimate the value of an insured’s property by having basic knowledge of its value
  • know the valuation principles and methods
  • know the value of the components of a dwelling to assess its replacement cost or value
  • recognize other factors influencing the replacement cost
  • have knowledge of endorsements used in relation to the insuring of replacement costs of a homeowners/dwelling policy
  • understand the process used in determining the value of an insured’s property

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