Legal Update I (2022-2023)


Maintaining core competencies in this increasingly competitive and complex profession demands that licensees receive up-to-date information on new statutes and rules, legal definitions, and forms as they apply to real estate licensees in Texas. The purpose of Legal Update I, a 3-hour course, is to support Texas license holder competence through the review of recent legislative and TREC rule changes, including changes to TREC promulgated contract forms. In addition to those changes, Legal Update 1 reviews the proper use of the back-up contract and addendum, the importance of Paragraph 21: Notices, and the recent trends in fair housing discrimination complaints.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • identify recent TREC rule changes that affect license holders
  • understand legislation passed by the 2021 Texas Legislature relating to the practice of real estate including property management
  • describe the importance of properly using Paragraph 21 of the contract
  • understand how to properly communicate & execute a backup offer
  • understand the impact of discrimination on fair housing in real estate and recognize practices real estate license holders engage in that may be considered discriminatory
  • identify and understand similarities and differences in the laws that protect people with disabilities from housing discrimination

Designed For

All Texas real estate licensees. Section §535.92 of the Texas Real Estate Commission Rules requires all license holders to complete Legal Update I and II before renewing their license.

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