Final Expense Insurance


Many producers find a great deal of success and satisfaction with final expense insurance. This course provides a detailed look at this niche product: how it functions, the needs it addresses, and the consumers who buy it.

The course describes the most common types of final expense policies and their provisions, and explains the underwriting standards that apply to each. It explores the market for these types of plans, and provides an understanding of typical buyers, their needs, and their motivations. The course concludes with a chapter on how producers can best present and explain these policies to their prospects, in an ethical, suitable manner that will help them grow their final expense business.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • understand the final expense insurance product and its applications in a given case
  • identify the size, composition, and needs of the final expense market
  • understand the difference between simplified issue and guaranteed issue graded benefit policies
  • explain common riders and features found in final expense policies
  • understand the needs-based approach to selling final expense insurance
  • identify the special ethical considerations that attend to selling insurance to senior buyers

Designed For

Licensed life and health insurance producers, licensed pre-need brokers, funeral directors, advisors working with senior clients

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