Alabama Mandatory Broker CE Course


Qualifying brokers are the heart of any real estate brokerage-without them, there is no brokerage. As such, the law tasks them with much responsibility in the operation of the brokerage as well as the actions of affiliated licensees. They must be knowledgeable in real estate License Law and regulations including an understanding of the federal regulations which may supersede Alabama law.

This three-hour course meets AREC's requirements for a broker mandatory CE course by addressing in detail the responsibilities of the qualifying broker including the training and supervision of the activities of associated brokers and salespersons, monitoring their advertising and marketing promotions, the correct handling of other people's moneys, and proper property management techniques.

Learning Objectives

After completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • name the qualifications of a qualifying broker
  • summarize the supervisory responsibilities of a qualifying broker
  • recognize the importance of monitoring all company transactions
  • explain proper use of various media for marketing and advertising
  • demonstrate the proper handling of earnest money
  • describe the proper practice of property management
  • explain the qualifying broker's responsibility for proper training for company licensees and staff
  • discuss the development and implementation of a self-auditing system
  • discuss the requirements for licensee-owned property

Designed For

Alabama licensed brokers and salespersons.

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