2023 Colorado Annual Commission Update


Each year, the Colorado Annual Commission Update Course provides important information about recent regulatory changes and practice issues that affect Colorado real estate licensees. This four-hour course meets the mandatory course requirement for Colorado broker continuing education. It explains recent regulatory and Commission changes that affect the real estate industry, the transfer of personal property, broker purchase of property and, additionally, rule changes, law revisions, and form and contract updates.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • relate the correct procedure for transferring personal property when it accompanies the transfer of real property
  • •outline the methods involved in the resolution of property inspection issues in a real estate transaction
  • recognize the compliances involved with affiliated business arrangement agreements
  • describe the correct way to assign interests in Listing Contracts, Relationships and Commissions
  • explain how to stay in compliance when paying referral fees
  • explain the compliance issues involved when a broker buys property for their own account
  • relate instances when a Broker can act as a transaction broker and when they cannot
  • discuss adverse material facts and their impact on a real estate transaction
  • describe new CREC contracts and forms changes
  • identify and locate the various sources of real estate brokerage information available through the Colorado Real Estate Commission

Designed For

Colorado real estate brokers

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