Adhering to a Higher Standard: The Code of Ethics (NC)


Professionalism and the highest level of ethical business practices are goals that every licensee should strive for. The National Association of REALTORS®' Code of Ethics sets forth the ethical duties that all REALTORS® agree to follow as part of their membership. This course takes an in-depth look at the Code and its practical application to everyday real estate practice. It begins with a broad overview of why ethics is critically important to the real estate industry and identifies the top areas in which ethical problems are likely to occur. It then explores the Code's Articles and related Standards of Practice and provides case studies and examples to help steer licensees towards professionalism and away from unethical behavior.

This course is designed to meet the Code of Ethics training REALTORS® must complete every three years. Licensees must confirm with their local REALTOR® association if it will accept this course for ethics training.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • define ethics
  • recognize the importance of creating sound ethical principles to guide professional conduct
  • recall the history, structure, and importance of the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice
  • articulate the ethical duties that REALTORS® owe to the public, to clients and customers, and to other licensees
  • describe the fiduciary duties owed to clients
  • describe the Code's nondiscrimination guidelines, including the addition of Standard of Practice 10-5 to the Code
    of Ethics
  • summarize the enforcement process of the Code of Ethics and the penalties that may be imposed for violating the Code

Designed For

North Carolina licensees at all stages in their career

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