2023 AREC Salesperson Best Practices Course


The Arkansas Real Estate Commission has chosen for the Salesperson's 2023 required CE course a review of four topics every salesperson should be familiar with, property condition including disclosure, rules for writing contracts, agency relationships and advertising. This course covers the most common errors licensees make regarding these topics as well as how to correct those problem areas which will result in more closed transactions and satisfied clients. This course meets the Arkansas Real Estate Commission requirement for its 2023 Salesperson required course.

Learning Objectives

Upon conclusion of this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss the fiduciary duties owed to a principal (client)
  • recognize the different types of agency relationships and their creation
  • describe property condition and the rules regarding property condition disclosure
  • explain the correct use of real estate contracts
  • identify what constitutes advertising
  • relate rules governing various types of advertising

Designed For

Arkansas real estate licensees holding a salesperson license.

Associated brokers can choose whether to take this course or the supervising broker course for credit. Executive and principal brokers may also take this course but will not receive credit for it.

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