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WebCE offers courses for the following MN license types:

Minnesota Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Insurance Provider Number: 21015056

Required Minnesota Insurance Continuing Education Hours


24-hours of insurance CE, including 3-hours of ethics are required every license term.


24-hours of insurance CE, including 3-hours of ethics are required every license term.

Public Adjuster

24-hours of insurance CE, including 3-hours of ethics are required every license term.

Minnesota Insurance Renewal

License Term

The license renewal date is the last day of the licensee's birth month.

Minnesota Insurance Product Training Requirements

Annuity Training

State required training for insurance producers that sell annuity products

Initial Training
Frequency: One-time training must be complete prior to selling annuity products.

Additional Information

Long-Term Care Training

State required training for insurance producers that sell long-term care products.

Initial Training
Frequency: One-time training must be complete prior to selling LTC products.

Ongoing Training
Frequency: Ongoing training must be completed every 24-months, following the initial training requirement.

Additional Information

MNsure Certification Training

State required training for all agents and brokers who plan to assist individuals and small employers with purchasing coverage through MNsure

MNsure will be closing the registration and certification process to new agencies and brokers on May 27, 2016. If you complete the course after May 27, 2016 please contact MNsure directly about your certification status at 844-520-8695 or through their web form. *Visit for information on additional certification requirements.

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NFIP Flood Training

State required training for insurance producers that sell flood insurance products

One-time Training
Frequency: One-time training must be complete prior to selling flood products.

Additional Information

Minnesota Insurance Continuing Education Course Requirements

Course Presentation

Classroom or online self-study.

Study Requirements

Students must read the course material and answer end-of-chapter review questions prior to taking a closed-book final exam.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Minnesota Department of Commerce requires all online continuing education courses not allow access to the final exam until the student’s time in the course equals the number of approved credit hours for the course. (For more details click here.) The course must be stopped if the student has been inactive for more than 10 minutes and a student may not spend more than 8 hours on continuing education in one day. For example: Any course that is worth 9-16 CE hours will take a minimum of 2 days to complete. Any course that is worth 17-24 CE hours will take a minimum of 3 days to complete.

Category Restrictions

There are no course subject restrictions in this state. All CE may be completed through self-study, but no more than 15 hours (50 percent of the total CE requirement) may be company-sponsored. WebCE courses are not company sponsored, unless otherwise noted. A licensee will not receive credit for more than 8 hours of continuing education in one day.

Minnesota Insurance Continuing Education Exam Requirements

Exam Rules

The final exam is closed book, and no outside information may be used to complete the exam. If the final exam is not passed on the first attempt, students have an unlimited number of retakes.

Monitor Requirements

Exam Proctor Requirements: Exams are closed-book and must be completed online. Exams do NOT require a monitor.

Passing Score

Self-Study Final Exam: 70%

Reporting and Minnesota Insurance Continuing Education Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion

WebCE provides online, printable certificates in Minnesota. Certificates of completion are available to print online immediately after the final exam is passed. Certificates should not be sent to the Minnesota Department of Commerce unless requested. Producers are required to maintain the original certificate of completion in his or her files for a minimum of 4 years.


Instant Reporting: Insurance CE credits are immediately reported to Sircon upon course completion. *Agents must have their CE credit hours posted prior to their expiration date and prior to applying to renew their insurance license(s). Providers have 30 days to report your CE completions, so please plan accordingly to avoid a lapse in licensure.

Repetition and Carryover

Carryover Rules

Carryover of excess CE hours is not allowed.

Repetition Rules

Courses cannot be repeated more than once in a 2 year license term.

Non-Resident Minnesota Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Annuity State-Specific Insurance Product Training

All producers currently licensed to sell, solicit, and negotiate annuity products must complete a one-time annuity training course approved for at least 4 hours by July 1, 2014. All producers licensed on or after January 1, 2014 must complete this training prior to selling, soliciting, or negotiating such products. *Non-residents who satisfy the training requirements of another state that are similar to Minnesota's law will be deemed compliant for Minnesota's annuity training requirement, but this will not satisfy any of Minnesota's continuing education requirements.

Long-Term Care State-Specific Insurance Product Training

  • Before selling, soliciting, or negotiating LTC insurance products in Minnesota, nonresident producers must complete an initial 8-hour NAIC LTC training course and a Minnesota-specific course or supplement.
  • For non-residents who have completed the initial 8-hour LTC Partnership course in another state, they must take a 2-hour LTC training course, specific to Minnesota.
  • After completing the 8-hour initial training requirement, nonresident producers must complete 4 hours of NAIC LTC training every 24-month period following the completion of the initial training and every 24-months thereafter.

Non-Resident Insurance CE Requirements

Non-resident producers planning to sell Long-Term Care (LTC) have special training or education requirements as described above.

Exemptions from Minnesota Insurance Continuing Education Requirements

Insurance CE Exemptions

The following individuals are exempt from CE requirements:
  • Individuals who hold a full-lines license but use it to sell only credit life, credit accident and health, and/or credit property (Must request exemption form from the Department of Commerce.)
  • Non-resident producers whose home state has a reciprocal agreement with Minnesota. A non-resident whose home state does not have a reciprocal agreement with Minnesota may apply hours earned in his or her home state or another CE state to Minnesota’s CE requirement.
  • Non-resident adjusters who are licensed and in good standing in their home states.

Minnesota Insurance Contact Info

Minnesota Department of Commerce


WebCE® provides information as a courtesy to individuals who are subject to continuing education (CE) as insurance producers, agents, adjusters and/or brokers. Although reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate and current, neither WebCE nor its employees warrant or represent that this information is accurate and current. All information is subject to change without notice.
Last updated on 3/23/2018