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​What You Need to Know About NASAA's EVEP Program

​​The newly adopted NASAA Investment Adviser Representative Examination Validity Extension Program Model Rule (referred to as EVEP and The Rule) is the latest attempt by securities industry regulators to answer the call for greater personal and professional flexibility. Get a complete guide to NASAA’s new IAR Examination Validity Extension Program (EVEP).

NASAA Model Regulation State Adoptions


The NASAA Model Rule (Model Rule 2002-411(h) or 1956-204(b)(6)-CE) is being adopted on a state-by-state basis, but states are not required to adopt. However, if your state does not adopt the model rule, you still may be subject to completing CE credits for states where you are registered that have adopted the model rule to stay in compliance. 

The map below shows each state's adoption status of the model rule according to the NASAA member adoption


Map of states adopting IAR NASAA Model Rule
Map last reviewed & updated June 2024.
Arkansas 2023 North Dakota 2024
California   2024 Oklahoma 2023
Colorado 2024 Oregon 2023
Florida 2024 South Carolina 2023 
Hawaii 2024 Tennessee 2024
Kentucky 2022
Vermont 2022
Maryland 2022
Washington, D.C. 2023
 Michigan  2023
Wisconsin 2023
Mississippi 2024 US Virgin Islands 2025
Nevada  2021

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