CFP Board to Begin Enforcing New Practice Standards on June 30, 2020

by Jennifer Smith, CPA, JD, CDEI | Jun 23, 2020
CFP Practice Standards

In October 2019, the CFP Board’s new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct formally became effective, replacing the previous Standards of Professional Conduct, which had been in place for about 12 years. The CFP Board will begin enforcing compliance with the new Code and Standards as of June 30, 2020: all CFP® professionals will be held to these new standards and could face potential disciplinary action for any violation.

Among other changes, the new Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct has revised the CFP Practice Standards by altering the steps in the financial planning process. There are now seven steps in the process and existing steps have been modified. For example, the first step in the previous Standards—“Defining the Scope of the Engagement”—has been replaced by the “Duty to Provide Information to a Client” in the new Code and Standards. The CFP Board says it made these changes so the new Practice Standards would solely address the delivery of financial planning.

Other steps in the previous version of the Practice Standards have been divided and/or reordered in the new Code and Standards. Some of these changes reflect how the new Practice Standards require CFP® certificants to work with their clients to obtain information and analyze the client’s personal and financial circumstances before defining the client’s financial planning goals and not after, as the steps in the previous version of the Practice Standards indicated.

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