Arizona Adjuster Exam Prep

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How to Get Your Adjuster License

  1. Research the requirements: Each jurisdiction may have different regulations and prerequisites.
  2. Study for your state exam: Exam prep courses provide the necessary knowledge and understanding of insurance principles and regulations. Some states require this step. 
  3. Pass your exam: Once you feel prepared, schedule your licensing exam through the appropriate licensing authority.
  4. Submit application, fees and associated paperwork: Complete the application form for your insurance license and submit with fees and any other paperwork such as certifications of completion, fingerprints and background checks. 

The Complete Exam Prep Solution

Get all the information, practice, and tools you need to successfully pass your state insurance adjuster licensing exam. 

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Pass Guarantee

Having the right study habits from the beginning will ensure passing the exam on the first try, but if you don't pass we'll refund what you paid.* 

Make a Plan

Use the My Study Plan to create a plan that works for your schedule allowing you to make daily progress. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Use our Exam Tutor, exam simulator, for practicing the state exam as many times as you need for perfect results.

Review On The Go

Printable study charts and mobile-friendly flash cards make reviewing key concepts on the go easy. 

Prep For Test Day

Once you feel ready to take the state exam, make sure to get rest and a meal before entering the test facility. 

*Terms & Conditions may apply. See FAQs for more details. 

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