How to Build a Successful Real Estate Team

By Ann Heinz, Product Manager
Feb 5, 2020

Creating a Perfect Team for Your Real Estate Business

How To Build A Successful Real Estate TeamReal estate teams are a popular way for top producers to service many clients at once. Assembling and retaining top agents can ensure your team is performing its best.

Consider the following ideas for building a cohesive and high-performing real estate team.

#1: Communicate and Listen

Truly listen to your agents and take their ideas into consideration. Communication is a two-way street. You need to both share information as well as listen to what team members have to say. Holding daily or weekly meetings to discuss company goals is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page and working towards the company mission.

#2: Develop a Positive Culture

What positive, noteworthy things happened today? Did your team meet its monthly goals? Are agents recognized for their achievements? Be sure to highlight the wins and ensure that there’s a culture of appreciation, respect, and collaboration in your agency.

Get to know your team members as individuals who have lives outside the office. Agents who feel respected and nurtured are more likely to become motivated and engaged employees who enjoy coming to work.

Team events can also help build team unity and cohesiveness. This could be as simple as having a monthly lunch, happy hour or holding another team-building event.

#3: Discuss Expectations

Before you bring someone onto your team, make sure you discuss expectations. For example, will you refer every buyer to your buyer's agent or only buyers who aren't referred by someone in your network? One of the biggest reasons many team leaders struggle with turnover is they fail to discuss expectations up front.

Team members also need to understand exactly what role they play on the team and how that role affects other team members. A clear statement of what the team’s goals are and how to achieve operational excellence should be conveyed to team members both in person and through written policies that can be referred to from time to time.

#4: Provide Support

It’s critically important to provide support in a number of areas to help your team succeed. For example, top agents need marketing support to help with e-mail campaigns and digital ads. They may also need certain technological tools to succeed, such as live chat boxes, optimized websites, video marketing, document management, and customer relationship management (CRM) databases.

Of course, agents need other types of support—notably, help with career development. If anyone is struggling, talk to them and figure out what’s going on. Stay connected. Don’t leave top agents to their own devices. Instead, regularly check in with them and help them navigate through difficult situations when they arise.

A real estate team can bring your real estate business to the next level. Creating and developing a real estate team requires careful planning and an understanding of how to train a successful combination of team members. WebCE’s course, Working in Teams, will allow you to describe the key roles that need to be filled on a team as well as how to identify the components that should be included in a real estate team’s business plan.

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