How To Help Your Team Pass The State Insurance Exam

By WebCE
Jun 11, 2019
Insurance Exam Prep Now Available On WebCEAs an insurance manager, you play a large role in the success of your team. It is up to you to make sure your team is getting the right training. It’s not enough to give your team training tools, you have to be able to be able to measure the success of the tools you are using. A large part of managing your team is making sure your employees stay licensed and up-to-date on current industry information. WebCE’s exam prep products allow you to track the success of your team while also making sure they stay complaint with the state. Here is the “How To” guide on how WebCE can help your team pass the state insurance exam.

Have Integrated Solutions For Multiple Lines

You want all members of your team to have the same access to accurate training and current information. Ensuring each member of your team has the same opportunities to pass the state insurance exam will help create an organized company culture as well as give every employee the same chance at success. WebCE offers insurance exam products for multiple insurance lines, including life & health, property & casualty, limited lines, and insurance adjusters. You’ll be able to administer the same superior level of training to all employees through one easy-to-use portal.

Track Your Team’s Progress

You don’t want to just hand your new recruits a study guide and tell expect them to sift through it by themselves. With WebCE’s Exam Prep products, you’ll be able to track the success of each individual member of your team. You have the ability to work with each team member to create a study plan that works best for them. Managers have access to a dashboard that gives a snapshot of their team’s overall progress. Because our reports are updated in real time, you’ll also be able to see each team member’s progress as granularly as you like. Managers can also sign up to receive email snapshots of the exam prep program so you are always aware of how your team is performing.

Don’t Focus on Perfection

Insurance managers should focus on how much their team is learning, not just how many perfect scores they receive. WebCE wants to make sure your new employees spend more time learning and less time taking quizzes. You will receive a guide for how long a student should spend in a particular lesson. This will give you a good indicator if your employees are reading the content or not. Perfect scores are also not necessary to successfully complete their exam prep. You will be able to see how many failed attempts at a quiz an employee has so you can better guide them in certain lessons and create teachable moments. We want to create solutions that work for you and foster a culture of learning, not just memorization.

WebCE’s exam prep products hold the reports and manager access to allow you to stay updated on the success of your new recruits. We are committed to helping your team pass the state insurance exam on the first try while also learning valuable information to help them in their career.

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