How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

By WebCE
Apr 16, 2020

Tips and Tricks From The WebCE Team

How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

The WebCE team has been working from home for about five weeks now as a part of the social distancing mandates. As an online company, we’re fortunate to have the capability for every member of WebCE to work from home. We held a virtual meeting to discuss what’s strategies have made our work-from-home experience productive and efficient. Here are our best tips on how to work from home.

Separate Your Home Life and Your Work Life

One overarching tip from our team was to separate your home life and your work life. Oftentimes, our team found themselves working past designated work hours because they didn’t have a commute or they had lost track of time. The biggest things our employees found to combat this problem were:

  • Set up your home office to mimic your desk at work for continuity
  • Only spend time in your designated work room during work hours. Go in when you’d normally arrive at work and leave when you would normally leave your office building.
  • Keep a set lunch break and take smaller breaks throughout the day just like you would at the office

Create Rituals and Routines To Stay Consistent

Sticking to a routine and creating daily rituals can give your day structure and give you something to look forward to. Our team talked about how the day can seem long or different being in the house all day, but with routines you can break up your day and stay focused.

  • Get dressed in the morning and change out of your work clothes when you’re done working. It doesn’t have to be business casual. Just wear something other than your pajamas.
  • Prepare your lunch the night before so you can enjoy your lunch break like you would in the office
  • Set aside times to video chat with coworkers to stay connected throughout the day

Learn to Love Lists

Some employees were list makers before the team started working from home, but some have found a new usefulness for them amidst their new work-from-home status. Organizing your tasks and thoughts in a new environment can be difficult, but the WebCE team has found an answer in lists.

  • Set a few goals for the day and aim to tackle them as opposed to working off a huge to-do list. You’ll have a better sense of accomplishment.
  • Create a list of tasks at the beginning of the day to organize who you will need to reach out to throughout the day. This way you can schedule calls ahead of time.
  • Utilize sticky notes and notepads to keep in visible areas in your home office. This can keep you focused and on track.

The WebCE team continues to offer exceptional exam prep, continuing education, and industry training products to keep your company moving forward from home. Our customer support team is here to answer any questions you have. To stay up-to-date on COVID-19’s effects on your industry and profession, visit our blog with updates from governing bodies and industry associations.

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