Fee Planners Network Introduces “Certified Fee Insurance Specialist” (CFIS) Program on WebCE’s Platform

by WebCE | Feb 02, 2005

Fee Planners Network Introduces “Certified Fee Insurance Specialist” (CFIS) Program on WebCE’s Platform

Online Courses Will Benefit RIA’s, Wealth Managers, and Fee-Only Financial Planners.

The Fee Planners Network announces the availability of a new professional designation called the Certified Fee Insurance Specialist (CFIS) Program.

The CFIS designation is the first and only certification program that distinguishes the fee-practitioner as one who is knowledgeable in fee-based life insurance design and function. The designation illustrates knowledge and competency in policy style, structure, design, concept, efficiency considerations, full disclosure requirements, and fiduciary care.

The courses necessary for attaining the CFIS designation are now available through WebCE, the premier provider of online financial education and registered CE courses. The CFIS courses also provide up to 25 state-approved insurance CE credits as an elected option for the enrolled candidate.

Joseph W. Maczuga, Executive Director of the Network, stated, “There is a lot of confusion for the consumer between the multitude of designations and practice terminology. This designation blends two cultures and clearly identifies the fee planning function for the benefit of the consumer.” The Fee Planners Network influences just under 2,000 planners with its newsletter and membership material.

Mr. Maczuga is a 31-year veteran in the financial planning profession, a Licensed Insurance Counselor in the State of Michigan, and author of numerous articles on the subject of fee-based insurance planning with full disclosure. He also serves as a consultant to several national independent broker/dealers and wealth advisory firms.

WebCE’s CEO, Gary Henkel said, “The CFIS certification represents a unique designation for professionals in the financial services industry. WebCE provides a comprehensive technology platform for supporting organizations that offer professional designations, and we are honored to administer the Fee Planners Network CFIS curriculum and certification program.”

About The Fee Planner’s Network
The Network is nationally recognized as providing the only training and educational resource for advisors who desire full disclosure and fiduciary care in comprehensive planning with no-load life insurance. More information about the Fee Planners Network is available at http://webshopmanager.com.

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