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by Mallory O'Sullivan | Jul 24, 2018
New Insurance CE courses from WebCE

Stay up-to-date with the insurance industry and further your career at the same time. Insurance continuing education courses from WebCE do more than just fulfill your CE requirements, they keep you in the know. Our industry experts share their insider knowledge with you so you can learn something new, develop a skill or enhance what you already know.

The WebCE insurance CE catalog is always updated to provide the latest information. We recently added the following insurance continuing education course and course updates.

NEW! Analyzing Property/Casualty Insurance Policies and Their Key Provisions is a new property and casualty insurance CE course from WebCE. This course explains the nature of an insurance policy, terms used to describe policies, and the components that may be found in a policy. It also walks insurance professionals through analyzing a policy to determine whether it covers a specific loss.


Variable Universal Life gives a thorough look at a unique type of life insurance policy. Learn the foundations for VUL insurance, how these products function and when they may be an appropriate choice for your clients.

Guaranteed Benefits for Variable Annuities provides information on guaranteed living benefits for variable annuities. This course explains the most common GLBs, characteristics of these benefits and how they provide a measure of protection for variable annuity owners.

Life & Health Insurance Law covers the legal concepts that are central to life and health insurance contracts. Learn about basic contract law and concepts, including insurance consumer protection and classic defenses to liability. Easily fulfill all of your insurance continuing education requirements with WebCE! To order these courses and more, visit the WebCE course catalog or call 877-488-9308 to speak to a member of our support services team.

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