Group Life Insurance - What You Need to Know

by User Not Found | Nov 28, 2018

New Group Life Insurance Course Through WebCE!

Group Life Insurance Continuing Education

Group life insurance has become the primary—and often the only—source of life insurance protection for many people. Today, over 48 percent of private companies offer group life insurance.  Employers commonly provide life insurance to employees at no cost, and many employees choose to supplement this basic coverage with supplemental group term life insurance. It is important for insurance agents to thoroughly understand this commonly offered employee benefit in order to answer any associated questions from both employers and employees.

WebCE's new course, Group Life Insurance, explores the different components of a group plan, including eligibility requirements, benefit maximums, premiums, and dependent coverage. You will also learn in depth information about beneficiary designations, settlement options, and taxation issues.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of group life insurance to both employers and employees, understand why employers offer supplemental group term life insurance, and explain the tax treatment of group term life insurance to employers and plan participants.

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