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Workplace Training Courses from WebCE

Mishaps in the workplace might make for great comedy, such as seen on NBC’s retired show, The Office, but in the real world, disregard for employees’ rights and compliance regulations can result in serious consequences for your company.

Compliance training is essential in creating a safe and respectful workplace environment. It’s also critical to protect your company from any compliance violations that could result in governmental reviews, costly claims and/or potential lawsuits.

At WebCE, we understand the need for workplace training for employees on the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their everyday job responsibilities. We also know that lack of compliance isn’t always about negligence, but sometimes it’s simply a matter of a lack of understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

To meet your workplace and compliance training needs, we have developed quality, easy-to-use workplace training courses for your business. We have the resources available to deliver online training courses on a variety of important workplace training topics. In our course catalog, you will find a variety of subject areas for compliance training for companies and employee, including:

Anti-Money Laundering Training — Insurance and financial professionals use AML Training to learn the process of money laundering and the laws that make money laundering a crime. WebCE offers a variety of AML Training Courses including case studies, the basics, recognizing red flags and more.

Business Best Practices — Educating your employees on business best practices empowers them to make decisions that are best for your business. Our online business best practices training include social media training for employees, business continuity planning and identity theft training courses.

Employee Conduct — Learning to discern the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace can help employees recognize and respond to situations that can lead to sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment training is an effective way to foster a positive, respectful workplace.

Privacy and Information Security — Cybersecurity threats such as data breaches can be devastating for consumers and insurers. To protect companies from serious cybersecurity threats, many industries are adopting privacy standards to protect personal and identifying information. Our cybersecurity training courses for employees teach how to recognize and respond to cyber-threats and how to prevent cyber-attacks.

WebCE is your workplace and compliance training resource. We offer tracking reports updated in real-time and can work with you to set up your own curriculum using WebCE courses. Add your company information to our courses, or create your own custom course to train your employees on essential subject matters to create a safe and compliant workplace. Many of the workplace training courses may also qualify for continuing education.

Contact our corporate sales team to find out how we can help you with all your employee training needs. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 877-488-9322.

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