What Do Certified Financial Planners™ Do?

by Chelsea Rosine | Jan 22, 2020
What Do Certified Financial Planners™ Do? A Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) helps clients create long-term plans to meet their financial goals. Whether it’s getting out of debt, saving for a home, diversifying your portfolio, or investing for retirement, a CFP® professional can help you create a financial roadmap. If you’re considering becoming a Certified Financial Planner™, or you’re looking to renew your certification, the first step is to understand what a CFP® certification can do for you.

Certified Financial Planner™ vs. Financial Advisor

The term “financial advisor” refers to almost anyone who advises you on your finances or investments. This can include accountants, investment brokers, and even CFP® professionals. A Certified Financial Planner™, however, must be certified by the Certified Financial Planner™ Board of Standards.

The CFP® Certification Difference

With a CFP® certification comes a responsibility to always keep their clients’ best interests in mind and never work out of self-interest. A Certified Financial Planner™ has expertise at every stage of your financial lifestyle. CFP® professionals are meant to grow with their clients’ needs. There are many financial milestones in a person’s life and the CFP® certification qualifies an individual to provide their financial expertise every step of the way. The CFP® Board keeps a database of all CFP® professionals in the United States so you can easily be found by potential clients in your area.

The Future of the Financial Planning Industry

The financial planning industry is rapidly growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be a 7.4 percent job growth by 2026. Of all the financial planners in the United States, only about 30 percent of them hold Certified Financial Planner™ certifications. As Baby Boomers continue to retire and Millennials continue to pay off student debt and start families of their own, there is a need for Certified Financial Planner™ professionals to help almost every generation create long-term financial goals for the various stages of life.

How to Become a Certified Financial Planner™

Holding a CFP® designation can offer career growth, income potential, and a high satisfaction from helping people meeting meet their goals. Whether you plan to work for a firm or practice as an independent, a CFP® designation can allow you the flexibility you need to advance your career.

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