Popular WebCE Ethics Courses Across 5 Different Industries

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Mar 19, 2019
Popular WebCE Ethics Courses Across 5 Different Industries March is National Ethics Awareness Month which highlights the importance of personal and business-related ethics. Regardless of your industry, now is a great time to evaluate how you are incorporating ethical practices on a day to day basis. WebCE offers over 50 courses on business ethics across all of our product lines. Here is a list of customer -favorite ethics courses we offer to help you keep your business practices ethical and compliant:

Life and Health Insurance Professionals
Ethically Serving Seniors with Diminished Capacity 

As the senior population increases, a number of associated challenges have become apparent and are moving toward center stage in the management of advisory relationships with older clients. This course will teach you how to ethically work with senior clients. You will be able to understand age-related physical and cognitive changes as well as protecting clients and mitigating risks surrounding elder financial abuse.

Property and Casualty Insurance Professionals
Professional Excellence Through Ethics and Values

This new property and casualty insurance ethics course will connect the dots between ethics, values, and what it means to be excellent. You will analyze what it means to be ethical, how to demonstrate values, and how people’s actions lead to a perception of excellence that is real and enduring. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to evaluate traits of an ethical person, develop a personal values statement, and assist your organization in achieving excellence through high ethical values.

Insurance Adjuster and Public Adjuster
Ethics for the Claims Professional 

This course will offer insight and tolls that will enable claims professionals to respond appropriately when faced with ethical dilemmas. Adjusters must address difficult questions and situations every day; with this course, they will be better equipped to recognize and respond appropriately. Upon completion, you’ll be able to identify unfair claims settlement practices, recall the codes of ethics for claims adjusters, and navigate the ethical challenges in claims adjustment.

CFP Professionals
Ethics CE: CFP Board’s Revised Code and Standards 

This program fulfills the requirements for CFP Board approved Ethics CE. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to identify the structure and content of the revised Code and Standards, including significant changes and how the changes affect CFP professionals. You should also feel confident in correctly recognizing situations when specific information must be provided to a client as well as how to recognize and avoid Material Conflicts of Interest.

CPA Professionals
Ethical Considerations for Practicing CPAs 

This course is intended to serve as a regular reminder to CPA professionals who are placed in positions of responsibility that they have an obligation to honor the trust that is placed in them. CPA’s hold positions in which trust is of paramount importance. This course contains a series a different scenarios in which you’ll be able to recognizes situations in which a CPA may depart from the generally accepted accounting principles when preparing a client’s financial statements.

Enrolled Agent Professionals
Ethical Issues Related to Circular 230 

This video-based course is presented by Dr. Raymond J. Clay, CPA, who is Emeritus Professor of Accounting at the University of North Texas and has taught in the field of ethics for more than 20 years. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to identify acceptable standards of performance under the provisions of Circular 230 in the areas of taking a potentially controversial position on a tax return or advising taxpayers as well as the appropriate actions to permitted under the rules of Circular 230.

Funeral Professionals
Ethical Business Practices for Funeral Directors 

Funeral directors have a responsibility to adhere to fundamental ethical principles and must use them as a basis for all activities within their businesses. In this course, you will learn about the ethical standards funeral professionals must uphold as well as the consequences if those standards are breached. You will review the ethical tenets imposed by the NFDA’s Code of Professional Conduct and the Funeral Rule. You will also learn tips about winning customer service business strategies to keep your business reputable.

The importance of ethics in today’s businesses is growing and becoming more important to consumers compared to previous years. To order these courses and to view other ethics related courses, visit the WebCE course catalog or call 877-488-9308 to speak to a member of our support services team.

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