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Life and health insurance professionals have the opportunity to make a real difference in people's lives. By helping individuals and families protect themselves financially in times of uncertainty, you become a crucial part of their support system. Your work ensures they can overcome financial challenges, cover medical expenses, and secure their loved ones' future.

People will always need insurance coverage, which means there is a constant demand for qualified professionals. As you gain experience and expertise, you can explore various roles such as underwriting, sales management, or risk assessment.

The Complete Exam Prep Solution

Being at least 18 and passing a state licensing exam is all you need to get you into a rewarding career with numerous opportunities for growth. Preparing for the exam with expert content and interactive study tools will jumpstart your career and give you a foundation of knowledge. We built exam prep packages to give you not just the material you need to pass your exam, but also powerful study tools to make sure you are prepared for exam day.


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Get courses from content experts who have teamed up with in-house technology teams to deliver innovative learning experiences.

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Satisfy requirements simply with up-to-date information, one-click packages, and tools to ensure you get the right courses.

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Every professional and profession is unique. Get more than what you need - get education you want suited to your learning style. 

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Following a proven study plan will increase your chances for success, but if you don't pass your exam on the first try, we're here to help.

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We work with regulators to stay on top of industry changes and keep you in the know all along the way. 

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Our team uses our system to train and develop to be experts not only on the learning platform but also your education needs. 

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Whether you're just starting a career in life and health insurance or are looking to grow your career, we're here to support you until retirement.


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Utilize our intuitive delivery platform for all your training and education needs with in-house support for you and your team.  


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What started as an online insurance continuing education company has now become a powerful suite of education experiences offering a variety of products for the insurance and financial services industry. We are so much more than CE courses and strive to make completing your requirements simple. With our unique platform you can earn a license, get professional development for career growth, and even complete one course earning you credits for multiple licenses. 

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