WebCE Adjuster Exam Prep Catalog Grows to Support the Insurance Industry

By WebCE
Apr 4, 2023
WebCE adjuster catalog is growing to support insurance industry

Competition amid the insurance industry labor shortage has only increased this year. As many as 68% of insurers plan to expand their staff in 2023. Covid and retirements have led to a sudden talent drain within the insurance industry, making finding and retaining top talent a top priority.

To support the talent drain and help insurers get more candidates licensed in the industry as adjusters, WebCE is excited to announce a major expansion to its insurance adjuster exam prep catalog, adding 19 new states—more than doubling our insurance adjuster exam prep course catalog to 35 states!

WebCE’s online insurance adjuster exam prep covers key exam topics to help new hires get licensed faster and reach their full potential sooner.

Here are all the newest courses added to our insurance adjuster exam prep catalog.

New Insurance Adjuster Exam Prep Courses Added to WebCE's Catalog

Since September of 2022, WebCE has released insurance adjuster exam prep courses, study tools, and Exam Prep Plus packages for the following states:

WebCE's Complete Catalog of Insurance Adjuster Exam Prep Courses

These new insurance adjuster exam prep courses expand upon our existing catalog, which includes:

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Upcoming Insurance Adjuster Exam Prep Courses

Upcoming additions to our insurance adjuster exam prep catalog, all to be released in 2023, include:

  • Rhode Island

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A Suite of Adjuster Exam Prep & Training: Insurance Education Solutions From Licensing to Retirement

Unlimited exam simulations help you pass your licensing exam the first time. Real-life scenarios with our Exam Prep Plus helps master the material. WebCE’s complete insurance adjuster exam prep program helps insurance adjusters pass the exam the first time.

Expand your exam prep into a powerful onboarding tool with WebCE’s EXCEED. Retain and develop new hires faster while also creating a supportive company culture. Drastically increase new employees’ speed to competency so they reach their highest potential sooner.

Plus, with our multi-credit course catalog, you can earn CE for multiple states with less courses, saving you time and money as you diversify and grow your career.

From exam prep to EXCEED onboarding to continuing education, WebCE offers the entire lifecycle of an insurance adjuster’s career training. Reach out to our award-winning team today to learn of all the creative training and career development solutions we can craft for you.